"My most beautiful work of art is my garden"
              Claude Monet

Allentown Garden Club of New Jersey
in association with the Allentown Art Guild

Hidden Gardens Tour - June 1st 2019

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Allentown Garden Club
"Pleasant Run"
by Ellen McGuff-Silverman
by Patricia Brown
by Paulette Hill
        Allentown Art Guild
Tour Info

"Golden Glow"
by Andree Lisette Herz
The date of the Hidden Gardens Tour is Saturday, June 1st from 9:00am to 3:00pm.
It will be held rain or shine. The tour includes a number of gardens in historic Allentown and the surrounding area.

The tour starts at the Keris Tree Farm at 842 Route 524, Allentown, NJ. Please pick up your tickets and tour guides here. See the map for Keris Tree Farm. The ticket stand will close at 1:30 so please plan accordingly.

The Allentown Art Guild will have a display at the Keris Tree Farm where their art work will be on sale. Also several of the artists will be painting in some of the gardens during the tour. The garden painters and the art sale are dependent upon the weather. If it's raining, that watercolor you just purchased may not look quite the same by the time you get it to your car.

There will be a free drawing for all ticket holders for a chance to receive a painting by Andree Lisette Herz.

Tickets purchased in advance are $15 and are $20 if purchased the day of the tour (cash or check only). Please see Purchasing Tickets for further information.

All children must have a ticket and be accompanied by an adult. Any child not accompanied by an adult may be given a cup of espresso and a free puppy. Sorry, but there are no discounted tickets for children.

While we love them, we regret that pets are not allowed on any part of the tour.

All of the gardens are some distance apart and therefore you will be unable to walk from one garden to the next. You will need a vehicle to get around, but you will enjoy a lovely ride around scenic Allentown and vicinity.

If you have any questions please contact us via email at info@allentowngardenclub.net or use the Contact Us page on our website.

"Red Flower"
by Dr. Donna Muzzicato


"Pink Rose"
by Dr. Donna Muzzicato

"Pink Chairs"
by Ellen McGuff-Silverman

"Yellow Rose"
by Dr. Frank Lumia

"Sharps Garden"
by Ellen McGuff-Silverman

by Karen Overbye

"Pink Iris"
by Dr. Frank Lumia
Do you provide refunds if it rains on the day of the tour?
We are sorry but the tour will go on rain or shine. The purchase of your ticket is non-refundable and will benefit many community projects.

What should I wear?
Wear casual clothing. Be sure to have comfortable walking shoes as streets and sidewalks are often uneven brick.

Can I take photographs?
Yes, bring along your camera to take home inspiring gardening ideas.

Is there transportation on the tour?
This is a self-guided tour and you must provide your own transportation.

by Tess Fields

"Old friends"
by Karen Overbye
How long is the tour and where does it start?
The tour is self-guided, so you may visit the gardens in any order. You will be given a map when you pick up your tickets at the Keris Tree Farm. The gardens are open from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Can I buy tickets the day of the tour?
You can purchase tickets at the Keris Tree Farm on the day of the tour. The cost will be $20 cash or check only.

When I order online or send a check, how do I know you received it?
We send an acknowledgement card in the mail. Just present this card when you come to retrieve your ticket at the Keris Tree Farm. If you lose the card, please have a photo ID with you.

"Sea Grape 2"
by Andree Lisette Herz

by Paulette Hill
If I do not receive an acknowledgement card, how do I get my ticket?
Contact us via email at info@allentowngardenclub.net or use the Contact Us page on our website. We will get back to you.

I purchased a ticket online or by mail, how do I get it?
You will be sent an acknowledgement card confirming your purchase. Please bring the card to the Keris Tree Farm. If you lose the card or haven't received it yet, please have a photo ID with you.

I am running late and can't make it to the ticket stand by 1:30, how do I get my ticket?
Still come to the ticket stand, while you cannot purchase new tickets you will be able to pick up pre-ordered ones.

Will there be any restrooms available?
Restrooms will be available in Allentown. Please check the tour guide for their locations.

by Terry Goldstein
Purchasing Tickets

Tickets can be purchased in advance for $15.

You can purchase online at EventBrite with a handling fee.

You can send payment by mail (received by 5/25/19) to:
        PO Box 74
        Allentown, NJ 08501

You can purchase advanced tickets at:

        Allentown Public Library
        16 S. Main Street
        Allentown, NJ 08501

        Village Pharmacy
        1280 Yardville-Allentown Road
        Allentown, NJ 08501

        Good Earth Nursery
        257 Route 539
        Cream Ridge, NJ 08514

Tickets can be purchased the day of tour for $20.

Purchase at: Keris Tree Farm. 842 Route 524, Allentown, NJ Cash or check only; sales close at 1:30 PM.