Allentown Garden Club of New Jersey


Pleasant Run Nursery - Fall Plant Sale

Pleasant Run Nursery has kindly agreed to have Garden Club members purchase plants. It will run similar to our Pleasant Run sale this past Spring.

If you have problems with the online form, do not have access or have questions, contact Terry Brown at

Do not, under any circumstances, contact or visit Pleasant Run Nursery. Everything is being handled through the Club.

You can view pictures and descriptions of the plants at the PRN website at

Because PRN is having a huge amount of orders and having problems with supplies, we are going to have 2 "orders". This gives us a chance at getting plants before they sell out. The first "order" must be completed online by end of day Sunday August 29th. On Monday August 30th. PRN will pull all the current Wishlist plants and put them aside for us.

The second and final "order" must be completed online by end of day Sunday September 12th. Please be aware that even though a plant may be listed as available it may have already been soldout and had not been noted in the system yet.

The online availability list will be updated daily. You can add items to your Wishlist at anytime but we suggest that you wait until Aug. 29th and Sept. 12th to minimize disappointment. Please be aware that PRN will be getting new shipments in during our sale so something that is sold out today might be back in stock tomorrow.

The pickup date is Saturday, September 18th. Payment will be collected at pickup. Payment should be in the form of a check made out to Allentown Garden Club. Pickup hours and location will be announced later. If you cannot arrange for someone to pick up that day please contact Terry Brown at to make other arrangements.


The way the process works is that you select which plants and how many of them you want into your Wishlist. These will be indicated in the "Wishlist" column of your cart. That is all you have to do. There is no order process, everything works off of your Wishlist. On Aug. 30th and Sept. 13 we will read the items from your Wishlist and generate a single order for PRN. On Aug. 30 any items in the "Wishlist" column in your cart will be noted as "Ordered" and will then appear in the "Ordered" column of your cart. You will not be able to change any items that are "Ordered". You can add items, change the quantity and delete from the "Wishlist" column of your cart at any time up until we generate the final order on Sunday September 12th.


Please sign in to view your Wishlist using the email address the Club has on file for you.