Allentown Garden Club of New Jersey

Apr 9, 2015   -  Monthly Meeting:    POSTPONED - Field Trip! Hands-On Pruning Workshop

We will be working in Heritage Park led by Daryl Kobesky, Production Manager at Pleasant Run Nursery.  Attendees of this meeting will receive a hands-on lesson for pruning landscape plants.  We will discuss the 1-2-3 cut method, rejuvenation pruning, pruning for size and shape and perennial cutbacks as well as in-season perennial trimming. Participants should bring pruning shears, loppers and a small folding pruning saw if they have them (do not go buy equipment - we can share).  We will also discuss using the correct equipment for the correct job.

We will be meeting in the Allentown Parking lot.  The entrance is across the street from the Allentown United Methodist Church at 23 Church Street, Allentown.