Allentown Garden Club of New Jersey

Sep 11, 2014   -  Monthly Meeting:    Blueberries: New Jersey's Wonder Fruit

The cultivated blueberry has its roots in the Pinelands of New Jersey.  Elizabeth White along with Dr. Fredrick Coville, proved that the “swamp huckleberry” could be cultivated. Learn the history of this fascinating berry and the contributions Elizabeth White of Whitesbog made to their cultivation. Today the blueberry is touted as the wonder fruit with a host of healthful benefits.  Learn about the history, health benefits and a variety of ways to prepare and savor these berries.

Judith Krall-Russo will be giving the presentation.  She is a food historian, certified tea specialist and writer presents educational and entertaining programs through out New Jersey. As a writer she has contributed to Gastronomica, Tea-A Magazine, and County Women.