Allentown Garden Club of New Jersey

Mar 10, 2016   -  Monthly Meeting:    Woodworking Project - Shiitake Mushroom Log – Sean Walsh (Reservations and $15 Fee Required)

Mushroom Cultivation
Edible mushrooms make a great addition to any home garden and can easily be cultivated in small spaces and locations too marginal for other crops. This hands-on workshop will explore techniques for cultivating a wide array of gourmet mushroom species. We will work with shiitake, and participants can take inoculated material home to begin their own cultivation practices. Please dress appropriately for working, including work gloves and goggles if you have them.

Sean Walsh is a permaculture designer, ecological landscaper, and teacher based in north-coastal New Jersey. He holds a M.A. in Sustainable Landscape Design & Planning from The Conway School, with additional training in ecology, community food systems, agroforestry, permaculture design, and carbon farming. Sean offers consulting, design, and project actualization for clients within the greater New Jersey area who are interested in creating patterns of ecologically and socially sustainable land-use.
Sean is particularly intrigued by the important ecological roles fungi play, and the ability to harness those powers for repairing ecosystems while growing food. Sean has cultivated mushrooms since 2009 and advises clients for small-scale commercial production.