Allentown Garden Club of New Jersey

Apr 14, 2016   -  Monthly Meeting:    Vermiculture, or worm farming

Vermiculture, or worm farming, is the utilization of some species of earthworm to make Vermicompost, a nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer and soil conditioner, the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter. Unlike composting, worm farming can be carried out on the balcony of an apartment, in the basement of a house, or in a heated garage if the bin is suitable and it is well maintained to avoid odors. Worm bins also:
   can speed up the process by months
   are often much smaller than compost bins
   can take pure kitchen waste, without needing garden waste or soil once the colony has been established
   can handle paper (e.g. paper with food on it, which can't be put out with paper recycling)

Vermiculture can be used to convert animal waste, food scraps, and other dead organic matter into a nutrient rich fertilizer. This can ultimately be used to fertilize a home garden and produce a greater quality and quantity of food for the family.


Jim Shaw, owner Uncle Jim's Worm Farm, has been raising worms since 1972. He received his BA in Anthropology at Colgate University.  Jim is the largest seller of Redworms in the country, with 95% sold to organic gardeners for composting and soil improvement.  He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Oprah Winfrey and numerous other television shows and media outlets.