Allentown Garden Club of New Jersey

Jun 18, 2016   -  Other Club Event:    Pleasant Run Nursery Sale

Pleasant Run is a wholesale nursery located at 93 Ellisdale Rd. in Allentown NJ.

The nursery is about 15 acres and features many rare and hard-to-find Woody Ornamentals, Perennials, Vines, Grasses & Tropicals.  Bring your walking shoes and be prepared.

You are welcome to visit their website to gather information to prepare for your shopping trip.  Feel free to browse the plant library, use the plant advanced search tool to find the right plant for your spot and check the availability.  The availability changes almost daily, although it will not contain prices, you can still find out information about the plant (quantity, container size & approximate height). 

Sales are cash or check only.