Allentown Garden Club of New Jersey

May 12, 2016   -  Monthly Meeting:    The living art and garden interest of the Grounds For Sculpture

Grounds For Sculpture was founded with the vision of making contemporary art accessible for all in an informal, natural setting.  First time guests flock to the grounds to experience the art and are pleasantly surprised by the lush garden setting and the horticultural diversity.   When explored a little deeper they find rare tree specimens dot the landscape and many examples of unconventional plantings that are seen nowhere else.  This talk focusses on the living art and garden interest that is not fully described by the word “Grounds” in Grounds For Sculpture.


Michael Strengari is the staff horticulturist at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, Nj.  He is a graduate of Longwood Gardens Professional Gardener Program and Vice President of its alumni association.  Strengari spent five years learning and working under international award winning Philadelphia based garden artist, plantsman, and designer Michael Petrie.  His work with Petrie included installation and design work for multiple major exhibits at the Philadelphia Flower Show, urban terrace and rooftop gardens, country estates, and everything in between.  While Strengari’s work and interests lie in designed gardens he is an avid naturalist who is currently enthralled by microbial ecology.