Allentown Garden Club of New Jersey

Oct 13, 2016   -  Monthly Meeting:    Orchids and Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a proven European way of growing plants without soil.

Why Hydroponics?
  - Clay pebbles replace soil
  - Healthier
  - Less insects and disease
  - Cleaner
  - Hypo Allergenic

They will demonstrate and explain all the advantages of growing hyrodponically.  As

well, they will show how to transplant orchards and houseplants.  There will be

transplant kits and plants available for sale.


Arlene Macallister started Creative Hydroponics in 1985.  At that time, she opened a

retail hydroponic plant store.

As a result of the store, Arlene started to acquire many corporate accounts, offices

and hospitals where she would lease plants and maintain the plants as well. 

Hydroponic plants in these settings were perfect because they are hypo-allergenic and

mold free.

Today she has over 100 accounts and still does talks at various clubs.

Arlene was also a member of the South Brunswick Garden Club where she won many awards.

Arlene has three boys and four grandchildren.

Jeree Harms owned a soil interior plant business in Chicago for fifteen years.

Jeree was enamored by the hydroponic growing system.  Jeree sold his business and

moved to Florida and the east coast to concentrate on growing hydroponic plants and

promoting the system.

Jeree has done many talks at various orchid socitey meetings and garden clubs as well.