Allentown Garden Club of New Jersey

Mar 9, 2017   -  Monthly Meeting:    Spring Woodworking Project (Reservations and Fee Required)

Woodworking Project – “Coffee Can” Birdhouse – Pre-Registration Required

Our own John Theotonio will instruct and guide the club in creating the Coffee Can Birdhouse project.  John will provide project instructions and the materials needed, so get your hammers ready!

Registration will be required and the cost of materials is payable the night of the meeting.  Members can register by emailing Nancy Clayton at:  The cost of the birdhouse will be $8.00. 

Join in the fun!  You can never have too many birdhouses!  Join us in constructing a coffee can birdhouse that is maintenance free, withstanding all types of weather for years to come.  This birdhouse is made of cedar and PVC (replaces coffee can).  It has a heavy duty wire rope for hanging and a removable PVC body for easy cleanout (NO screwdrivers required).  The 1 ½” hole will attract most songbirds (including our state bird - the Eastern Goldfinch) and it keeps out more aggressive non-native birds like house sparrows and starlings.

Please remember to bring your hammers!!